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Beauty iQ

Beauty iQ® delivers...

  • Live, network-specific shows five nights a week.

  • 24/7 programming, 365 days a year.

  • Must-see highlights of beauty's best throughout the week.

  • How-to tutorials and industry insider tips and tricks.

  • Sales from Beauty iQ are commissionable, providing an additional, dedicated revenue stream.
Beauty iQ
Satellite Spec Sheet


Beauty iQ HD and SD signals are on
SES-3 Transponder 1C

Beauty iQ Spec Sheet
QVC Master Control 484.701.8989


Positioning Statement

Long Description:
If a new eye-shadow palette makes you feel like a kid in a candy store… If you’d rather binge-watch beauty bloggers than the hot new TV drama… If there’s nothing routine about your beauty routine… Then Beauty iQ® is for you. Created by beauty lovers, for beauty lovers, Beauty iQ is your connection to everything you always wanted to know about beauty. It’s where you can indulge your passion, have fun, and be inspired 24/7/365. It’s the premier multiplatform experience devoted to all things beautiful, where you can enjoy live shows 5 nights a week, featuring the top brands and the experts behind them… Check out must-see highlights of beauty’s best throughout the week, or catch up on shows you may have missed… And tackle your “pretty problems” with how-to tutorials featuring insider tips and industry tricks. Best of all, Beauty iQ allows you to discover your own true beauty whenever you want, wherever you are. Beauty iQ… Know your beauty.

Short Description:
Your connection to the latest beauty products and trends—plus insider tips and tricks. Tune in, have fun, get inspired—and know your beauty.



Beauty iQ
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To receive a specific Beauty iQ logo, please contact your QVC representative.

Tune In Message

Welcome to Beauty iQ®, your connection to everything you always wanted to know about beauty. The latest trends and the people who set them. The top brands and the experts behind them. The insider tips and the industry tricks. Created by beauty lovers for beauty lovers, Beauty iQ is where you can indulge your passion, have fun, be inspired, and discover your own true beauty. Find Beauty iQ on channel ___.
Be sure to customize the tune in with the Beauty iQ channel number in your lineup.

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Beauty iQ®

Traffic: may be used at any time.

Description: Know your beauty. Watch, learn, and shop your favorite beauty brands – and discover new ones to love on Find what you love. Love what you find®.

Dimensions: 7.875 x 10.25

Download: Windows - right click on a link below, click Save Link As.
Mac - hold control button, click on a link below, click Download Linked File.

Files: Digital File (JPEG) High-Res Print (PDF)


Need an alternative size? Contact your QVC representative with your specs.

icon Questions about Beauty iQ? Please contact your QVC representative for more information.

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