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About Us

Affiliate Distribution & Mktg., Inc. Responsible for maintaining and increasing QVC®, QVC2™, and Beauty iQ® distribution on all available traditional television and emerging platforms across the U.S. ADM, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of QVC, Inc.

QVC, Inc. Exactly how do you change the way the world shops? At QVC®, we do it every day by offering a curated, ever-changing collection of name brands and unique finds. And by bringing together a dynamic community of engaged personalities, relatable experts, dedicated team members, and passionate shoppers. And by creating a seamless, worry-free experience that's available on every platform, accessible by every screen, every minute of the day. Discover for yourself why QVC is the world's leading digital retailer. And so much more. QVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation (NASDAQ: QVCA, QVCB).

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Channel & Satellite Information

QVC has three channels in the U.S. - QVC, QVC2, and Beauty iQ. Discover what each channel has to offer by clicking on a specific logo below. To download the satellite information for a specific channel, click on the spec sheet link.



Beauty iQ
QVC HD and SD signals are on
SES-3 Transponder 1C

QVC Spec Sheet
QVC2 HD and SD signals are on SES-3 Transponder 14C

QVC2 Spec Sheet
Beauty iQ HD and SD signals are on SES-3 Transponder 1C

Beauty iQ Spec Sheet
QVC Master Control 484.701.8989

icon Can't view the spec sheets? Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

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