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Tune In Messages

Maximizing your commissions while getting the word out about upcoming QVC®, QVC2™, and Beauty iQ® programs and special events is easy when you use our tune in messages. They are great for your social media sites, billing statements, channel crawls, radio, and on-hold messages.


In the Kitchen with David®

Join QVC’s fun-loving foodie, Program Host David Venable, as he shares in his passion for cooking. He’ll whip up something new from the top brand names in cookware and appliances to the latest cookbooks and gourmet treats. Whether you’re a beginner cook or a seasoned chef, get comfortable in the kitchen during In the Kitchen with David®, Sundays at noon and Wednesdays at 8pm ET on QVC. Programming subject to change without notice.



Fashion’s Night In

Style is all about point of view—and Mondays at QVC is all about style from different points of view during Fashion’s Night In from 7pm to midnight ET. Join renowned fashion stylist Lori Goldstein, Program Hosts Amy Stran and Shawn Killinger, and style icon Isaac Mizrahi for five hours of looks, laughs, and loves. They’re putting looks together that reflect their unique personalities and tastes, sharing their individual outlooks on what looks good and why, and helping you define and refine your own ideas about what looks good on you. You’ll never look at style the same way again! Programming subject to change without notice.




Exactly how do you change the way the world shops? At QVC®, we do it every day by offering a curated, ever-changing collection of name brands and unique finds. And by bringing together a dynamic community of engaged personalities, relatable experts, dedicated team members, and passionate shoppers. And by creating a seamless, worry-free experience that’s available on every platform, accessible by every screen, every minute of the day. Discover for yourself why QVC is the world’s leading digital retailer. And so much more. Find QVC on channel ___.



Gift Checklist present

Get the gifts they want this holiday season with something special from QVC. From leading brand-names and Best Sellers to Customer Top-Rated gifts, you’ll find something to make everyone’s season bright! Tune in to Gift Checklist, Friday, October 20 at 3pm ET on QVC2™. Programming subject to change without notice.



In the Kitchen with Mary

You know and love her as QVC program host (and resident foodie) David Venable’s right hand on his weekly QVC shows. Now there’s another cook in the kitchen—Mary DeAngelis! Join Mary as she whips up some of her favorite, easy-to-prepare recipes with cookware, appliances, kitchen tools—and even gourmet food—from some of your favorite brands. Don’t miss In the Kitchen with Mary™, live Saturdays at noon on QVC2™. Programming subject to change without notice.



AM Style® with Gabrielle

Love AM Style® Saturday mornings from 8-10am on QVC? Well, now you can keep on shopping with host Gabrielle Kerr on QVC2™, Saturdays at 10am ET. Gabrielle brings you the latest looks from the brands you love and advice from style experts. Shop for key essentials, must-have trends, and head-turning accessories and keep your weekend going in style. It’s your wardrobe, your way, on AM Style® with Gabrielle on QVC2. Programming subject to change without notice.



PM Style® with Leah

Love PM Style® on QVC? Now there’s more to love on QVC2™ during PM Style with Leah. Program host Leah Williams has her finger on the pulse of all things fashion at the Q, and now she’s on QVC2 ready to give you the low-down on great looks to fit your life with fashion, accessories, and even beauty. Discover it all Wednesday nights at 7pm ET during PM Style® with Leah on QVC2. Programming subject to change without notice.




QVC Plus® is now QVC2™, and that means you’ll get more of what you already love about the Q! More live shows Monday through Friday from 6pm-midnight and weekends from 10am-3pm ET, including weekly programming that will have you coming back for more! Plus, QVC2 has more of your favorite brands and your favorite hosts than ever before. And shop for more of what you love, from the tried-and-true to fresh discoveries and even The QVC2 Big Deal™, revealed nightly at 9pm ET. It’s familiar. It’s new. It’s QVC2. Find QVC2 on channel ___.


Beauty iQ®


Guerlain Fragrances

Discover exceptional fragrances from the renowned French perfume house Guerlain. Founded in 1828 by the Guerlain family of master perfumers, this brand is synonymous with sophisticated scents for every woman and every occasion. Shop the iconic collection of fragrances—each with a romantic, tres chic story—during Guerlain Fragrances, Friday, October 27 at 11pm ET on Beauty iQ®. Programming subject to change without notice.



Beauty iQ®

Welcome to Beauty iQ®, your connection to everything you always wanted to know about beauty. The latest trends and the people who set them. The top brands and the experts behind them. The insider tips and the industry tricks. Created by beauty lovers for beauty lovers, Beauty iQ is where you can indulge your passion, have fun, be inspired, and discover your own true beauty. Find Beauty iQ on channel ___.

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